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We are a full service auction company licensed by the State of Georgia which ensures our being current with all aspects of  the auction industry concerning laws and ethical practices.   We specialize in Estate clean outs, "Right-sizing" and liquidation of assets.  We are the only auction house located in Chatham County, Georgia. 

Our Auctioneers and Auction house

Charles R. Snelling, GAAL #4184 has owned his own service business for over 25 years and been an Auctioneer for over 3 years.  He is responsible for the day to day operations of the gallery floor and client pick-ups.  Chuck has built his reputation on honesty, integrity and hard work.

Mary Ann Worsham, GAAL#4375 is responsible for the administration side of the business along with calling auctions.  Mary Ann has had a successful career in outside B2B sales, college recruiting and owned her own Antique Consignment Mall.  She has a lifetime of being around the antique and furniture industry within her family history.  Her dedication, honesty, integrity and hard work has earned her the respect of the business world and clients and buyers,

 The auction house consists of 12,500 square feet offering the necessary equipment, computerized clerking system, sound system, surveillance system, advertising knowledge and manpower  to handle any size auction whether its on-site, on-line or in-house. We can get the job done!

Benefit Auctioneers for Hire

Having a Benefit Auction? Hire us for your next event.  We have a Benefit Auction Team that will come in to help you prepare for your benefit auction along with calling that auction in order to increase those donations for you. Let us do what we are good at so you can concentrate on all the other aspects of the event.   Contact Mary Ann 912-272-0009.

On-Line Timed Auctions and Webcast Auctions

We offer several different venues to optimize the selling price of you items.  We hold household auctions every Tuesday at 5:30 pm along with weekly On-line Only Timed Auctions  @ plus we have a bi-monthly "in-house/Webcast auction" for higher end items and collectibles. 

Moving? Downsizing? Need to settle the family estate? Call our professional team to help! Ask  about our no cost consultation for pack and pick up services.  We are currently scheduling our truck for pick ups. Call Chuck at 912-695-1285 


We have our FFL License which allows us to auction long guns and hand guns.  Whether you have one, two or an entire collection, we can help you sell those guns at a premium price. Guaranteed lowest commission structure in the area.  We can also recieve firearms for you when ordered through a third party.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1.   Are there any upfront fees? Absolutely not! We get paid once your items sell. 

2.  Who pays for advertising? Advertising fees are generally our responsibility unless we host the auction at your location.  Advertising fee structure is agreed upon by all parties involved.

3.  Who is responsible for sales taxes? We the auction company will pay all sales tax collected.

4.  Who is responsible for check returns and credit card disputes?  We, the auction company will handle any issues concerning this.

5.  Do you evaluate and charge for personal property items for an auction?  We do have personal property appraisers if we feel it is necessary for any legal or docementation purpose. There is a nominal fee for this service.

6.  How do you inventory my items?  We utilize one of the largest software programs that records each item sold, amount it sold for and commission split.  By law, we have to provide this settlement statement with your check.

7.  What should I do if something doesn't sell?  We generally auction your items through two auctions. If items do not sell after the second auction, we will donate them to a local charity  (Hospice Thrift) or you have the right to pick the items up. 

8.   What type of auction house do you have?  Our auction house was built specifically to be an auction house.  We have 12,500 sq. ft with HVAC throughout.  We are located on 4 acres with access to major interstates .  We are governed by State and Federal laws along with being members of the Georgia Auctioneers Association and the National Auctioneers Association and Pooler Chamber of Commerce.

9.  How can I be assured that my personal property is safe until sold?  We have a complete surveillance system onsite.  Our employees are required to go through a backgrounds check.  

10.  Why use an auction house and not an estate sale company?   Auctioneers are governed by State and Federal laws.  Estate sale companies only need a business license and are not regulated by the state.  There is an excitement around an auction that draws people and creates competition in buying.